MMA Welding Machine

Cruiser 300

Cruiser 300 is a heavy duty industrial 3 Phase inverter power source for MMA Welding and TIG DC LIFT applications with excellent arc characteristics.

Cruiser 300 is specifically designed for tough working conditions such as steel fabrication, shipbuilding, offshore, shipyards, boat- maintenance, repair and heavy metal constructions.

MMA CELLULOSIC is a specific MMA function which allows to obtain the highest welding results with cellulosic electrodes. The high dynamics applied to the welding current allows you to keep the arc lit in all applications and welding positions.
The ability to adjust parameters such as Hot Start and Arc Force improve both the trigger and the regularity of the electrode melting.

TIG DC functions and digital control available is an optimized combination also for maintenance, building construction, light- medium metal structures.

Technologies Key Benefits

Special Function

Technical features

CRUISER 300      
3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
10A – 300A5A – 300A
76V / 9V
13,3kVA – 10,7KW
460 x 230 x 325mm

Accessories & Configurations