MIG-MAG Synergic

Pioneer 321MSR

Pioneer 321MSR is a synergic 3 Phase Inverter with separated wire-feeder. A wide range of MIG-MAG synergic programs facilitate the selection of precise welding parameters using any welding wires. WF 107 is a portable 4-rolls drive wire feeder designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, it is ideal for any applications of medium to heavy size carpentry, constructions and automotive. Friendly-user interface allows precise parameters setting using only one knob. All MIG-MAG controls are on the wire feeder: Wire Speed, Welding Voltage, Inductance, Motor Slope, Soft Start, Burn Back, Post Gas, Wire Feeding, Test Gas, 2T/ 4T/ 3T Special trigger torch control, Intermittent and Spot welding selection. 3T Special allows both Hot Start and Crater Filler current setting, for optimal penetration at start and crater filling at bead’s end. Spot and Intermittent welding mode give excellent welding spots. Microprocessor, inverter technology, digital displays, synergic curves and memory locations for customized welding parameters assure complete welding process repeatability. WECO unique HAC (Hybrid Arc Control) supplies a soft and very stable MIG MAG welding arc with excellent weld bead quality and minimal spattering in any working conditions. Equipped with big wheels and gas bottle holder. Cooling Unit available. Fan on demand and Built-in Wind Tunnel protects electronic devices from dust and saltiness and improves reliability. Up to 50m cable bundle can be used with no performances reduction. Push-Pull torch applicable for better MIG aluminum welding.

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