Power Inverter Inside

Higher Efficiency
Lower Energy Demand

W-ECO Technology Inside

Lower harmonic current emissions

Weco Power Factor Corrector

Lower harmonic current emissions
Lower input current

Total Protection

Maximum reliability

Volt Reduction Device

Maximum safety

Hybrid Arc Control

Soft Arc, Low Spattering
Better welds, Money Savings


Digital control and excellent welding with cellulosic electrodes is an optimized combination also for piping and Oil & Gas industry applications.

TIG 2.5 kHz

The pulse TIG with frequency until 2500Hz allows to weld very thin materials with easy arc control and very low heat input on workpiece.


Pre-set balanced parameters, stored in the Synergic Pulse TIG DC SYN curve, simplify Pulsed welding by adjusting only welding current.


The Q START (Quick start) function facilitates joining of the parts in the initial stage of the welding process.

Dynamic Arc

The DYNAMIC ARC function makes it possible to keep the product of Voltage x Current constant. The power source increases the welding current as the arc voltage decreases and reduces the welding current if the arc voltage increases.


The Q-Spot (Quick Spot) function makes it possible to minimise tacking times for light gauge sheet metal.


The MULTITACK system makes it possible to reduce heat output while joining two light gauge parts.

Extra Fusion

This makes it possible to create a highly penetrative and precise fusion bath so that very light gauge sheets can be welded with an electrode tip comparable to that of an electrode for DC – TIG welding.


This allows to obtain high welding speed and creating the weld puddle rapidly on a cold workpiece.

High Speed Line

1. Higher execution speed
2. Higher deposition rate
3. Lower heat input and less plastic deformation
4. Better mechanical properties
5. Higher penetration, lower risk of lack of fusion
6. Lower production costs and depreciation

Power Root

The Power Root function has been developed for improving and facilitating the root pass welding on caulkers. The Power Root Arc suits perfectly the joining of seams with significant gap and irregular preparation. This arc remains highly stable on several different applications and grants an optimal control of the welding puddle, above all on vertical down position.



Qualification of welding procedures according to DIN EN 1090. The complete WPQR packet for execution class 1 and 2 up to S355 is available for all MIG/MAG power sources in Weco’s range.



Weco pays great attention to all the norms concerning the environment protection, by pursuing the use of recycled materials and proper disposal so minimising any waste.

REACH - statement



Innovation is the principal value to which we are committed. For twenty-one years we have continually invested in technical advancements. Progressing and improving the process of going forward to bring confidence in the reliability of our products. The fundamental purpose of our business is to provide the satisfaction to your needs and demands as a trusted supplier, endlessly strengthening our Partnership.


ISO 9001:2015

We are very pleased to inform our clients and the welding industry that WECO have successfully obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for recognition for quality of WECO management systems. WECO are honored and extremely proud to make known this certification has been issued from the very prestigious globally respected authority the Institute TÜV Rheinland.

To achieve this very prestigious award is the outcome of inspired WECO teamwork with the excellent cooperation of all employees and coworkers working together towards one objective, to achieve this significant goal for the company. Above all it reflects the WECO philosophy to continue improving the internal company departments that provide a first-class customer service through each production process resulting in optimal product perfection.

This certification would not have been possible without the dedication from our employees and the valuable recommendations from our customers. This mutual teamwork of exchanging client advice with manufacture knowhow has contributed immensely to reaching this objective of ongoing improvement to the quality of management processes at WECO. Each one of you, client and employee alike are rewarded with a part of this certification. Above all the common goal at WECO is your full satisfaction ISO 9001:2015_ ENG QUALITY POLICY WECO