MMA Welding

Multipower 184

Multipower 184 is an innovative and robust inverter power source. for MMA MMA/CELL and LIFT TIG DC

Multipower 184

Multipower 184 is specifically designed for basic maintenance, building construction and pipe line construction, The device is equipped with: Total Protection, PFC (Power Factor Corrector) and VRD.
These devices make the welding machine usable with power cables over 100m in length.
Multipower 184 aFactory optimized Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti Sticking allow an easy and excellent quality welding using electrodes up to 4 mm diameter. Lift Start function guarantees arc ignition without damaging the tungsten electrode.

Multipower 184

Technologies Key Benefits

Special Function

Technical features

MULTIPOWER 184            
1x230Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz1x115Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
T 16AT 32A
10A – 180A5A – 180A10A – 115A5A – 115A
83V / 11V
5,8kVA – 5,6kW
400 x 160 x 260mm
10,4 Kg

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