Quick Setting

The new Quick Setting  effective system for setting up the machine makes for a simple, very fast friendly operation. The new design interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. The large 5” high resolution display allows the parameters to be easily read even in poor lighting conditions. In addition, 7 segments have been added to the display, in order to allow welders to view the main parameters even when they are wearing a welding mask.  The large touch screen commands allow for easy use even when wearing cumbersome thick and bulky work gloves. The welder is gently  guided through the set-up procedure of the machine. He also has the option to further customize the welding process through the quick selection availability with special functions or work programs (JOB).

PROGRAMMEThe welder can follow the instruction of the welding program from the display. Once the program has been selected, the welder can choose the power, the parameter and he can start weld.

The display  have a new design icones, very intuitive and user-friendly. The welder can choose.

PROCESS: The welder can quickly change the welding process without having to set up the program from the beginning. In this way the welder is free to continue with the change method of transferring the filler material (eg switch from a spray arc transfer mode to a pulsed mode)when he wants.

MODE:with the new graphic it is really easy to learn how to work the different processes of the welding torch button. You can follow all the processes on the display with the new graphic.
FAVOURITES: every welder has a favourite process for working. With this new Quick setting feature the welder can easily select the functions in the saved JOB. The welder is able to create selected program groups (4 max) These programs which he intends to use more frequently can be recalled very quickly on the main screen via the touch screen.

All software upgrade data is free and you can download all the files from the WECO WEBSITE or through the technical support of Weco Service area. The upgrade is easy and  intuitive. You will need  to download the file on a USB and follow the SET UP instruction on the display.

You can find the video tutorial in our youtube profile.

Weco is in continuous research and development of new technologies and welding processes in order to be able to offer its user the best results with the maximum technology