Higher efficiency and better welding quality than conventional power sources. Overall weight reduction for easier transportation and movement. Weco Inverter supplies a better quality welding arc, with no spattering, repeatable in time and unaffected by main voltage fluctuation.
Reworking time and money saving. Real lower overall electric consumption.

W.ECO technology according to EN-60974-10, reduces harmonic current emissions.


W.ECO PFC reduces harmonic current emissions and 20% input current, increasing the power inverter efficiency.

Total protection

A built-in Total Protection Device saves the inverter components from
overvoltage and makes the unit suitable for use with unstable power supply
and motor-generators.


Function VRD (Volt Reduction Device) reduces automatically the voltage
of the welding machine during the Standby mode in order to allow the
processing in those building site where low voltages are demanded for
safety reasons (Dockyards, petrol platforms and so on).


Very intuitive and user-friendly interface, even for the less experienced welders.


WECO unique HAC (Hybrid Arc Control) supplies a soft and very stable
MIGMAG welding arc with excellent weld bead quality and minimal spattering
in any working conditions.


The Inverter is by the latest generation DSP device (Digital Signal Processor) digitally controlled, this permits a steady precise and quick adjustment of the welding arc.


The Power Source can be connected to most common three-phase supply-net, it means that the inverter adjusts automatically its parameters to the available supplying voltage in order to grant in any case a perfect welding.


Weco has developed the DATA MANAGER tool for complete welding’s control and monitoring. The WECO DATA MANAGER software allows you to control simultaneously multiple Weco Power Sources connected to a dedicated
LAN (ETHERNET). Connected Power Sources auto-discovery system allows an easy and fast connection, ready for detecting, monitoring and setting welding parameters.


The POWER LIMIT mode allows you to set the nominal power available from external sources (for example a motor generator) in order to optimize absorption protecting the welding machine and making it work to its maximum potential.


Allows to set available nominal power of power source to optimize
the absorptions to protect the welding machine and exploit the available power.