The Power Pulse Digital Multifunctional

Enhance your welding experience with the new update V.1.0.4- 35628. The Power Pulse Digital 405d and 505d machine becomes multifunctional. Choose the best way to weld.  We offer to the welder solutions and different welding processes by continuing to weld with the same machine and with significant time savings.

One machine – four processes:  MMA;  Manual and synergic MIG/MAG; TIG Lift; Gouging.  Each process has different parameters available which allow the welder to obtain the desired optimal result.

Programs (JOBs) can be saved for each individual process. JOBs can be quickly called up via favorite keys (main screen tiles).  You can immediately switch from one process to another.

Request the new Firmware version for Power Pulse Digital 405d and 505d V.1.0.4- 35628 through our platform.   You will get all the support from Weco team.