Weco POR FESR project

Thanks to the POR FESR 2014-2020 contribution from the Veneto Region, the company Weco S.r.l will develop the project concerning an equipment to be applied on robot systems.

These systems are able to carry out automated welding and can be integrated into the production line in such a way as to provide relevant information for the optimization of the manufacturing and therefore of the entire process.  The innovative aspect of the project lies mainly in the interface that would allow the dialogue between the welding machine and  programmable logic controller ot the robot. This dialogue allows you to set all the welding parameters of the machine directly from the robot control, in order to fully automate the welding process.

Robotic welding allows you to calibrate the welding line very precisely reducing the margin of error during the machining process and guarantees the repeatability of the process of the entire series hardly obtainable with manual welding. Furthermore, assembling components by robotic welding means greater precision by reducing waste and obtaining considerable savings for mass production, marrying the philosophy of “do more with less” with an eye to climate change. The project, with the development of the Weco Datamanager software, will be ready for the industry 4.0 model, falling within the concept of smart factory, consisting of three fundamental elements:

  1. Smart production
    Smart manufacturing includes all the new assembly technologies that allow efficient collaboration between all elements of production (operators, machines and tools).
  2. Smart services
    The integration and collaboration of all the internal and external company structures make up the smart services.
  3. Smart energy
    Attention to energy consumption and the development of systems capable of reducing waste and increasing performance are part of the concept of smart energy. 

    Thanks to the support of the Veneto Region, which with the POR FESR 2014-2020 fund was able to support this project by assigning a contribution of € 23,328.00,
    Weco Srl benefited from the financial support that made it possible to achieve the project objectives.