Digital Sense Ignition

The Digital Sense Ignition from Weco allows to achieve an almost spatterless ignition without wire explosions and with a low heat energy input to the welded part.

It is easily possible to activate and deactivate the DSI function directly from the “FavouritesDigimanager-torch-keys


  • 60 % less Spatters in the Ignition-phase on Stainless steel (- 60% > 0,8 mm thickness – 20 % > 5mm thickness)
  • 30 % less Spatters in the Ignition-phase on Carbon steel (- 30% > 0,8 mm thickness – 10 % > 5mm thickness)
  • Ignition Optimization also with wire in short circuit with remarkable spatters´ and explosions´ reduction



The DSI – Digital Sense Ignition – is available with the new software update 1.0.10.

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