Pulsed MIG/MAG multifunctional welding machine

Power Pulse 502T TF

Power Pulse 502T Twin Feeder is an Heavy Dutyprofessional Multifunction 3 Phase Inverter Power Source with double separated wire feeder double gas bottle holder.

Power Pulse 502T Twin Feeder is an Heavy Duty professional three-phase inverter with double separate wire feeder WF104 / 108 and double cylinder holder. The Twin Feeder configuration allows you to work with two different wires and two gases with the same generator.

The available MIG/MAG modes are: Manual, Synergic, Pulsed and Double Pulsed. MMA, TIG DC LIFT and HF and GOUGING processes are also available.
The MIG MAG welding is optimized thanks to:
Pulsed HS, Pulsed HC, Power Focus, Power Root.
The TIG DC welding is optimized thanks to:
TIG Pulse up to 2,5Khz, TIG Pulse SYN, Dynamic Arc
Q-Start, Multi-Tack, Q-Spot.

Technologies Key Benefits

Special Function

Technical features

POWER PULSE 502T         
3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
T 40A
5A – 500A5A – 400A10A – 400A
83V / 9V
25,5kVA – 23,4KW
1160 x 670 x 1530mm