PLASMA CUT power source

Voyager 105 Basic

Voyager 105 Basic is an innovative power source with very high performances to cut plasma, in a very compact and light machine body.

It allows precision cutting up to 40mm and separation cutting up to 50mm. 105 Ampere in just 22kg.

High duty cycle of 90Ampere at 100% (40°C) make this power source suitable and strong to be used in extreme conditions.

Voyager 105 Basic owns following processes: MANUAL CUT and GOUGING. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of GRID mode to facilitate the cut of grated panels.

Thanks to the BASIC front panel, you can access the cutting parameters very quickly. Suitable for use on site with hard working conditions.

The flexibility of the EASY FIT system of the supplied torch allows very easy management of both the length of the torch cable (max two 6-metre cables in series, for a total of 12 metres) and the cutting or gouging geometry.

The POWER LIMIT mode allows you to set the nominal power available from external sources (for example a power generator) in order to optimize absorption protecting the Plasma power source and making it work to its maximum potential.

Weco original spare parts guarantee the best cutting result and the longest life of the spare parts themselves. Available in all sizes, in blister pack for single item or in starter kit box for a practical restocking.

Technological innovation

Technical features

Voyager 105 Basic         
3x400Vac ± 15% @ 50-60Hz
10A – 105A
15,3kVA – 14,3kW
533 x 214 x 368mm

Accessories & configurations